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Fluker Farm’s has partnered with Texas A&M University (TAMU) to produce feeding grade black soldier fly larvae. The entire sale of the larvae will go to university research funding split between TAMU and Louisiana State University (LSU).
75% TAMU
25% LSU

Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin of TAMU has developed a black soldier fly that is healthy for your animals to eat. TAMU is the world’s leading research group on the black soldier fly. Their research has shown that the calcium carried in this black soldier fly is more than sufficient to support healthy growth in your animal. Because of the high calcium content, these larvae have the ability to prevent, stop, and reverse the Metabolic Bone Disease caused by calcium deficiency. The larvae do not make noise or give off odors and are perfect for feeding your animal. These black soldier fly larvae contain 73.2% moisture, 57% crude protein on a dry basis, 3.14% calcium, and 1.28% phosphorus.


Black Soldier Fly Larvae

We expanded our offering to now bring you Soldier Worms. We have partnered with TAMU and LSU to provide this new feeder insect. 100% of all sales of these soldier worms will be donated to TAMU @75% and LSU @25%. 

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