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Live crickets and other insects

Leading up to Purdue's Bug Bowl we decided to hold our own cricket spitting tournament among some of our employees! Our March Madness Cricket Spitting Contest has officially begun! Stay on the lookout over the next two weeks as the tournament progresses and a winner emerges! We will keep our Newsletters, Facebook and website up to date as the tournament continues! Round 1 has begun so visit our Facebook page to see who will move on to Round 2 and then the Championship Game! 

**Stay tuned to our Facebook page on April 8th & 9th to watch our Live coverage of Purdue's Bug Bowl Spitoffs at 12:45 and 3:30PM**

2017 Flukie Grand Prize Winner

The 2017 Flukies was a huge success! The entries were absolutley amazing and we enjoyed seeing who Flukie fans voted as their Grand Prize Winner! We loved it so much that we will be doing a 2018 Flukie Awards Contest! 

26th Annual Purdue's Bug Bowl

The annual Bug Bowl is the largest known insect event of its kind. Preschoolers through retirees take part in hands-on insect activities including the cricket spitting contest and cockroach racing at Roachill Downs. Click here for more on the 26th Bug Bowl!  
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