Live crickets and other insects
Flightless Fruit Flies:

Fluker Farms now has flightless fruit flies in stock. Order your cultures today.

Live Delivery Guarantee Winter
Fluker Farms guarantees live delivery when temperatures are as low as 16 degrees at the destination and/or regional sort facilities. While most insect growers simply refuse to ship at temperatures below this threshold, Fluker Farms recognizes how much you rely on live insect for your pet’s nourishment and feel you should have a choice in the matter. Therefore, we provide the following options when the weather drops to 0-15 degrees (we will not ship to any areas below 0 degrees).

1) Ship Without Guarantee (SWG)-
2) Hold For Weather (HFW)-

Waco Hitt - Fluker's Cricket Farm Dry products manager introduces you to our many products for aquatic turtles. Click here to watch the video...

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Fluker's offers an extensive line of foods for the reptile industry, combining complete diets with all the essential proteins and vitamins the reptiles need for optimum growth and nutrition.

You don't have to be a doctor to recognize when your pet needs help. Sometimes captive reptiles will develop conditions, which are easily treatable by their owners.

Reptile and amphibian behaviors are directly tied to their light cycle. Under natural conditions, sunlight provides ultraviolet radiation, visible light and heat.

Providing your pet reptile or amphibian with a natural-looking environment minimizes their stress level and also beautifies the enclosure for you to enjoy.

Fluker's offers an extensive line of products for your reptile and amphibian habitats - just about anything your pet might need.

Crickets, mealworms, superworms, live insects and other reptile products. Fluker Cricket Farm has developed the largest, healthiest and most hardy House Crickets available. We are the leading producer of crickets and have expanded our feeder insects lineup to include mealworms, superworms and a complete line of reptile products.