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Live crickets and other insects
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The 2017 Flukies is almost here! This is the last month! Enter TODAY for your chance to win a trip to New Orleans!

Everyone needs a vacation! Take yours on us and all you have to do is submit a picture. January is the last month to enter into our 2017 Flukie Awards - AND IT'S OPEN ENTRY! Enter anything you would like but be sure to submit it before the end of the month!

Fluker's Illustrated Calendar - 2017

After receiving a number of great entries and getting an artist to illustrate each one in watercolor we are excited to sell the calendars to help fund research for Dr. Mark Mitchell of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. 

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You don't have to be a doctor to recognize when your pet needs help. Sometimes captive reptiles will develop conditions, which are easily treatable by their owners.
Reptile and amphibian behaviors are directly tied to their light cycle. Under natural conditions, sunlight provides ultraviolet radiation, visible light and heat.

Providing your pet reptile or amphibian with a natural-looking environment minimizes their stress level and also beautifies the enclosure for you to enjoy.

Fluker's offers an extensive line of products for your reptile and amphibian habitats - just about anything your pet might need.

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