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Fluker's Liquid Calcium

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Item Number: 73061
Manufacturer: Fluker Farms

Fluker's liquid calcium supplement for reptiles.

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Please Sell online
Jennifer Millman (Joplin, MO) 7/1/2014 8:33 AM
I wish you would sell this item online in your store. The Pet Stores raise the prices on this particular item at like 200% for their profit. I would like to be able to purchase this item at the amount the Pet Stores are buying the Calcium Drops for. I try to avoid big Pet Store Chains as much as possible. PLEASE start making your Liquid and Powder Vitamins & Calcium available in your online store. Thank You!
Calcium is very important!!!
Jennifer Millman (Joplin, MO) 7/1/2014 8:30 AM
I gave this item a high score because Calcium is VERY VERY important for Reptiles. I raise Leopard Gecko's and I use both the liquid Calcium and Powder Form Calcium with Powder and Liquid Vitamins. This is very simple. I just add a few drops to my Leopard Gecko's Water when I change their water everyday. As well as Powdered Vitamins in a small lid for my Leopard Gecko's to lick as they need it.