Calcium fortified quencher cricket and other feeder insects from fluker farms
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Fluker's Cricket Quencher with Calcium

Calcium Fortified Quencher 8oz
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Price: From $5.59 to $7.19
Manufacturer: Fluker's Cricket Farm

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Price: From $5.59 to $7.19

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Fluker's Calcium Fortified Cricket Quencher provides crickets and other feeder insects with a safe, clean water source in a convenient gel form. This easy-to-use formula eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional watering methods, such as the formation of deadly bacterial and loss through drowning.  Plus, it offers a source of calcium for "gut-loading" insects prior to feeding them to your reptile.


Place a small amount of product in a shallow dish in insects' cage. Refill as needed. There is no need to provide an additional water source.


Water, Polyacrylamide Copolymer, Calcium, F&D Yellow #5

  • Crude protein not less than    0.24%
  • Crude fat not less than          0.00%
  • Crude fiber not more than      1.39%
  • Moisture not less than         96.85%
  • Ash not more than                0.91%

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Product Reviews

(11 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
The crickets seem to love this stuff.
jason dembowski (Saint Augustine, FL) 6/25/2014 5:48 PM
I will be short,the only way to hydrate my water dragons soon to be poo :)
Fast and Easy
Staycy Doolittle (Shreveport, LA) 4/30/2012 1:29 PM
Have never had a problem with Flucker's Cricket Quencher with Calcium. Crickets, especially the new ones flock to this stuff and it stays put, even when the cricket keeper is moved. Regular water, not so much. I also uses the Cricket Food. I am ordering Orange Cube Cricket Diet next to see if I can combine 2 into one!
Cricket Drink with Calcium
Cecil (Thibodaux, LA) 4/20/2012 8:18 AM
Arrived two days after purchase. So far the crickets love it. Will be buying more once I run out. Thanks!
A really great product.
Scott Moore (Hillsboro, MO) 3/22/2012 9:37 PM
This is a really great product. I can keep 60 crickets alive and well for 8+ weeks with no mess from watering them. I no longer have to dip the crickets in Calcium powder because the calcium is in this product. It also lasts for ever. just toss 1 large or a couple smaller chunks in the cage with the crickets and you are good to go for 2 to 3 days. I have just under a ½ bottle left and I purchased it over 6 months ago.